Get to Know Your False Ego and Take Back Your Life

Try this experiment: Choose your top three distractions, the things you turn to for comfort and entertainment but don't feed your soul - social media, TV/movies, comfort food, alcohol, extra hours at work, shopping, etc. - give them up for a month, and replace them with activities that truly feed your soul and let you live vitally and meaningfully (no filling in the gaps with other distractions). Few people would try such an experiment. Even fewer would succeed. Why?

In het ziekenhuis

Verbindend communiceren - ofwel geweldloos communiceren- in de zorg en welzijn sector kan veel bijdragen: zorgzaam omgaan met patiënten én ook in stress-situaties zo optimaal en respectvol mogelijk blijven communiceren en handelen. Situatie: gescheurde achillespees. Ik lig op de gips-afdeling in het ziekenhuis te wachten.

Deep Healing Work and Shining a Weird and Wonderful Light

First of all, allow me to exhort you to watch this piece of sheer brilliance. I've watched it a few times and every time there is another level of brilliance to appreciate, especially as I'm fairly certain that he is improvising some of it. Try watching the first couple of minutes from a perspective of diversity issues and racial assumptions. Try watching the first five minutes without laughing. Pay extra attention to the wonderfulness that begins at 5:50.

Wild Again

Find a video of Wild Again here.

i am organising the first national NVCsummerfestival in Belgium!

it is with a leap of faith, that i decided to organise it, and hope to cocreate a wonderful place to live and practice and learn nvc together. will you consider joining us and offer your gifts to the belgian NVCcommunity, and receive ours? It ll be in English, in august 2019!

that would be so great! find me at delotus [at] yahoo [dot] com with all you questions!

NVC and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Part 2 - I Need You. 

For more of my articles (including part 1 of this article) as well my music, photography, and interviews, please go to

The Power and The Letting Go

It feels like I'm being carried along these days. Or maybe I'm getting better at letting myself be carried along. 

Healing With Plant Medicine and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Imagine living a successful life for 28 years - a family, several books published, a leader in your field, traveling as a speaker - and then walking away from it all because you're not being honest with yourself. Little do you know that you are setting off on a quest, an extraordinary adventure of love, intense healing, and self-discovery.


Interview with certified NVC Trainer Sarah Peyton

If you're not familiar with the work of Sarah Peyton, I highly recommend her. Sarah is a certified NVC Trainer with extensive training in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Attachment Theory and Family Constellations. She is an extremely talented workshop facilitator and Family Constellations facilitator. Sarah has developed an NVC and IPNB approach to Family Constellations. She is also the author of Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain's Capacity for Healing.

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