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Based upon the benefits I have realized from attending a Practice Group, and the joy and pleasure I derive from sharing and listening to the experiences of others, I have decided to open my space to have a Practice Group here, based upon the Practice Group format offered by Thom Bond of NVCNYC. I initially learned about NVC from Marshall when, in 1988, he offered a one day workshop at the American university I was attending in Geneva, Switzerland. Although I did not become more involved until several years ago, I have had a profound experience of the potential for healing within families, in neighbourhoods, and amongst friends. I am offering this closed practice group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where I would like to have a commitment from the participants to work through the process several months from mid-March to mid-July. We will meet two times monthly, on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, to practice empathy, and to work through Marshall's book as well as Lucy's workbook.


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