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CNVC evolved from a grass roots effort by a small intimate group who shared a passion for nonviolent communication and a shared dream to fulfill our mission.

Through the years, our NVC Community has grown into a diverse, passionate, worldwide organization. In support of this evolution, we formed the Administrative Team to guide and nurture our growth. We owe our success to the organization’s stakeholders, who include volunteers, donors, CNVC Certified Trainers, certification candidates, practice groups, staff and board members.

The purpose of CNVC’s Annual Report is to give a snapshot sampling of NVC activities that have happened throughout the year. These activities range from the work of the global network of trainers and supporters in various regions, focus areas and the CNVC Projects and activities around the world.

We seek to connect our international community and celebrate our collective work and achievements, as well as to inspire individuals and organizations to fund and support the contribution of NVC to the world. We invite you to participate in our community and network.

We welcome your support of this work financially or in whatever ways give you the greatest meaning and joy.

In celebration and support of CNVC and the NVC Community,


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