CNVC Social Change Project

This Project Currently Lacks A Coordinator

Purpose of the Project

To contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future by modeling and teaching connection, transparency, and compassion as the foundation of social change work.

History and Background

The CNVC Social Change Project was created in October 2000, following a gathering of social change visionaries in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the heart of this project is the faith that a total commitment to nonviolence and love makes for more effective and lasting social change. We see NVC as a concrete, daily, and learnable manifestation of the vision of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela; visionaries who transcended anger and revenge and reached for the hearts of those who oppressed them as well as those they recruited for the struggle. Inspired by such examples of love within social change, we seek to support people in making the process of social change itself be a model by living consistently with the goal of a world where everyone’s needs are valued.

We are working to create and strengthen a synergy in the transformative social change movement by supporting people with specific tools and practices that help in connecting with self, each other, and those in the systems we are trying to change. The basis for this practice is the belief that all people, including those whose actions we believe to be destructive, are motivated by the same basic set of needs.

Current Status of the Project

Current Activities:

  • Research into organizations and events to explore possible collaborations, presence for NVC awareness in events, web links, and opportunities for NVC training and facilitation.
  • Building relationships and exploring possibilities with a variety of organizations and individuals following such preliminary research.
  • Supporting CNVC in living more in line with its values by participating in Strategic Planning Committee and by researching models for organizational structures and functioning.
  • Supporting individuals and groups within the NVC network both locally and via email in NVC skill coaching, empathy, and training
  • Moderation of NVC-Social-Change email forum for those seeking support and learning in applying NVC in their social change work, and those learning NVC who want to expand their understanding of social change.

Sample organizations and individuals we work with or are connected with:

  • National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation
  • Nonviolent Peaceforce
  • Co-Intelligence Institute
  • Vicki Robin (Co-Author: Your Money or Your Life)
  • Michael Nagler (Author: Is There No Other Way?)
  • Betty Burkes (International Peace Educator with the UN)

current resources:

  • Project director is working as a volunteer and small donor, working 5–20 hours each week on project activities, and covering (through local NVC organization) small expenses along the way
  • On occasion, CNVC has offered to cover certain expenses
  • A volunteer supports project director for another 2–8 hours a week

Plans for the coming year

Our key goal is to encourage the creation of a model project that can exemplify the effectiveness and vision of NVC-inspired social change, and to support the group doing it with training, facilitation, mediation, and ongoing empathy and coaching. We see the existence of such a pilot project as a powerful vehicle for inspiration and for documentation of the power of NVC tools as part of social change efforts.

Other plans include:

  • Support additional organizations, groups, and individuals interested in making NVC central to their work.
  • Introduce NVC for social change workshops to organizations and groups interested in exploring its potential use for their work in different places in the world.
  • Support the work of the Department of Peace Campaign by training volunteers at conferences and gatherings as time and resources allow.
  • Intensive leadership training for those wishing to participate in bringing NVC to social change work.

Since most individuals and organizations working for transformative social change are non-profits, resources to sustain the level of support needed for the inner transformation of consciousness and outer transformation of strategies will need to some from donations. Next steps are to raise funds, and to identify and train additional volunteers to create an international team.

how can you contribute to this project?

  1. Donate to this project.
  2. Bring NVC to your social change group or organization by creating study groups and by organizing NVC and Social Change workshops given by CNVC trainers.
  3. Share stories about how NVC has been helpful to you in your social change efforts. Stories are a powerful method for passing on the tools and consciousness. You can join the email group or send your stories directly to me.
  4. Send me names of candidate organizations and individuals whose work you see as in line with the NVC vision, including a short paragraph which details the potential connections you see.
  5. If you read a book or article which inspires you, let me know, or write a review that I can disseminate in our network.
  6. Send me information about innovative processes and practices to help CNVC become a more life-serving organization. Again, such information will be most valuable if you can describe the process in one short paragraph using your own words.
  7. Connect us with individuals and organizations that may help in funding this project.
  8. Join the email forum for people interested in NVC and Social Change. You can unsubscribe at any time.

For further information, please email cnvc.

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