CNVC Parenting Project: Peaceful Families, Peaceful World

Coordinated by Inbal Kashtan

Peaceful Families, Peaceful World, a joint project of BayNVC and the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, was founded in 2001 to support the transformation of parenting practices so that families throughout the world can experience compassion, connection and peace. Our project arises from a desire to contribute directly to the well being of parents and children, as well as from the recognition that our parenting in large part shapes the adults of the next generation. Since our long-term vision is a world where everyone’s needs matter and people have the skills for making peace, working to transform parenting practices is of paramount importance.

The Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project offers numerous programs and services aimed at supporting the transformation of parenting practices and consciousness, including:

• introductory, intermediate and advanced level series and workshops for parents
• family camps
• audio and written materials on parenting with NVC
• personal coaching, teleclasses and training programs to support leaders who are sharing NVC with parents (including the Parent Peer Leadership Program)
• the NVC parenting yahoo group, a worldwide, online forum for empathy, practice and connection around parenting with NVC.
• a growing network of peer leaders who are sharing their understanding of NVC with parents in their communities across the U.S., Canada, and to a lesser extent in other areas around the world.

"During Family Camp, I discovered a deeper understanding of NVC that has helped me get in touch with the connection I had always been hoping for with my family. The experience also awakened my understanding of the spiritual consciousness within NVC, of holding that your needs matter as much as my own. I have been so dedicated to integrating NVC in my life since Family Camp. Thank you for creating and supporting the space that contributed so profoundly to a deeper meaning in my life." BayNVC Family Camp Participant


NVC Programs for Parents in the wider San Francisco Bay Area:

Please see the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World page on the BayNVC website for a listing of local programs for parents and families.

National and international trainings, workshops, and opportunities for parents and families:

For a listing of NVC family camps in the U.S. and Europe, go to the “find training” page on the CNVC website, and select the topic "family camps.”

• The 2008-2009 Parent Peer Leadership Program is a nine-month training program aimed at nurturing and developing peer leaders who are committed to sharing NVC with parents in their communities, especially where there are no NVC trainers. The program begins with a Family Camp in California in August and ends in April. 

To explore resources for learning in your area, look for trainers and local NVC supporters or read about other training opportunities. If there are no trainers in your area, see learning nvc without a trainer. If you would like to organize a parenting workshop in an area without a trainer, contact the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project at nvcparenting [at] mindspring [dot] com (e-mail nvcparenting at mindspring . com)


Online groups, written and audio materials on parenting with NVC:

• The parenting resources page on the CNVC website lists a wealth of resources for further learning, including titles, descriptions and ordering information for books, articles and audio materials.

• Inbal Kashtan’s newly released CD, “Connected Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Family Life” is available through BayNVC.


Highlights from 2007 & 2008

• Leadership Development: Through the training, guidance and support offered in our Parent Peer Leadership Program in the 06-07 and 07-08 years, thirty lay leaders began sharing NVC with parents in communities across the U.S., Canada, Hawaii and South Africa. A new group of lay leaders from the U.S., Ireland, the U.K, Turkey and Canada is now going through the 08-09 PPLP. See below for further details and celebrations.

• “Connected Parenting: NVC in Family Life,” a CD recording of a workshop by Inbal Kashtan was released in March 2007.

• Family Camps: Our two family camps in California in the summer of 2008 drew over 150 participants and assistants, including approximately 80 adults and 70 children ages 0 to 17. Additional family camps took place in Washington State in the U.S., in Denmark and in Germany.

Parenting workshops, series & teleclasses: In 2007, over 300 adults were reached through our programs in the Bay Area, including introductory workshops, 3-month workshop series for parents, presentations for parents at Bay Area schools, and a teleclass led by Ingrid Bauer for parents in Ireland.

• “Parenting From Your Heart,” Inbal Kashtan’s booklet, is now available in French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

• Worldwide connections: The NVC parenting yahoo group continues to grow, and now has approximately 1,000 members from all parts of the globe.

Funding: BayNVC continues to support the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project with money from its annual fundraiser. Participants in the PPLP invite participants in their series to make financial contributions back to the program to support more emerging leaders in the following year’s program.


Parent Peer Leadership Program Celebrations

We are full of celebration about the successful completion of three years of the Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP). The PPLP is a 9-month program for NVC practitioners who want to acquire the experience, skills and support to share NVC effectively with other parents. During the 06-07 and 07-08 years, 38 peer leaders from the U.S. mainland, Hawaii and Canada participated in this program, and over 90% of our graduates moved into sharing NVC with parents in their communities. This is a huge celebration for us, attesting to the power of the model of supported peer leadership we have developed, and giving us hope about the potential for reaching many more parents around the world.

Below are just two of many celebrations shared by program participants.

 “I am feeling such a deep sense of gratitude for ALL that you have done to create the PPLP. It is such a major part of the mortar for me, helping keep the bricks in place as I attempt to re-create a vision for my family. I am overcome with intense emotion at the sheer magnitude of value and meaning that this group holds for me. The intensity of knowing that I am on a path, heading in a direction that is nourishing me and my sons in the richest possible way I can imagine.” Karn Anderson, Minnesota, USA, PPLP 06 participant
"The support I've received in becoming a lay-leader has helped me set aside perfectionist ideals so that I can put one foot ahead of the other in reaching out to other parents - starting NOW!  The response to my sharing NVC has been so gratifying; it gives me a sense of purpose and meaning, that what I have to offer is valuable and I can share my inspiration even as I try to live it." Erika Jennings, Washington, USA, PPLP 06 participant


How can you contribute to this Project?

business=bookkeeping [at] cnvc [dot] org&item_name=Peaceful%20Families%20Project&item_number=9&no_shipping=0&tax=0&currency_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP-DonationsBF&charset=UTF-8" title="Donate" target="_blank"> Donate to Peaceful Families Project to this project. Financial contributions will make it possible to replicate our programs throughout the U.S and the world, thereby supporting the spread of NVC among families and contributing to the social transformation we believe is possible.

• Keep us informed of ways that NVC is contributing to your family's life. This will assist us in collecting and disseminating information about how NVC is meeting families' needs, and may be used, with your permission, in a book on NVC and parenting.

• Let us know about books, resources or groups that you believe would contribute to this project.

• If you are aware of funding sources for working with parents—individuals, corporations or foundations—that may be interested in our work, please let us know.

• Do you have other ideas about how you may want to contribute to the project with time or other resources? We would be happy to hear from you.

For further information on the PFPW Project, please contact nvcparenting [at] mindspring [dot] com (us by e-mail).

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