Marta Kułaga

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General Public (Including Certified Trainers and Certification Candidates)
A. Approximately how many training days did you have this year?: 
B. Briefly list the groups and organizations you worked with this year as a trainer.: 
I mainly do open workshops. I only did two for a company , and 2 for teachers. I also work with the teachers of the kindergarten I created.
C. Approximately how many people did you offer NVC training to this year?: 
D. What are you celebrating about your training experiences this year? What was significant for you? What touched your heart?: 
This was my first year as a CT - I celebrate developing as a trainer, finding my own way and my own specialization- groups I address my trainings:parents and business. I'm also developing to reach people of different perspective.
E. Would you share some difficult experiences you had while training this year and how you handled them?: 
I do have feedback whenever I am not in my authenticity, trying to make people learn NVC so I become more connected to freedom and lightness
F. How do you teach the spiritual basis of Nonviolent Communication in your workshops and training programs? : 
I do like to refer to the living energy of needs and seeing needs as way to spiritual energy of humanity
G. Please describe your social change goals...: 
I mailny work to prepare parents and teachers to model life enriching relationship to children in the kindergarten I created in Cracow _ Krasnal I also wish for change in business suroundings that's why I created Leance , wchich is to support business into changing their communication culture
J. Please describe your efforts to create, or join, an NVC circle or organization.: 
Leance org is the realisation of my vision how I wish to cooperate with people - I do lots of challanges connectiong to responsibility, interdependence, courage.
K. Summarize participants’ evaluations, and how their feedback resulted in new learning or growth for you this past year.: 
Participants like my calmness, connection and care I create. The challenge is to adjust trainings to business suroundings.
L. What are your current growing edges or challenges as a trainer that you will be working on in the future?: 
My growing edge is to work on exressing myself fully with care for others - honesty in relationship and trainings which serve more for participants.
M. If you found opportunities to work with other trainers this year, please share the most meaningful experiences for you.: 
Pernille Plantener - and her being role model for embracing humanity and interconectedness fully.
N. Is there anything else you would enjoy sharing with the CNVC network?: 
The awarness that there are so many people bringing more peace and awarness supports me in my daily struggles to find the way to act with alingment

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