Expressing Compassion for Self & Others: An Intro. to Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Living from our head allows the “shitty Committee” to run our lives. Their judgments can generate shame, guilt, anger, and even depression. Alternatively, living from our heart supports compassion, connection, love, and clarity about our needs. Learn effective tools to support heart-based living and successfully navigate the “longest distance in the world” from your head to your heart by learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC teaches you to: - Befriend the “Shitty Committee” so you can deepen connection and compassion for self and others - Learn to express yourself clearly and authentically so you can eliminate regret - Identify choice points so you can respond rather than react - Reduce shame, guilt, anger, depression and overwhelm by finding purpose in your feelings - Create a legacy of healthy relating to your children by modeling healthy communication while reducing conflict - Make decisions with ease and grace About Your Facilitator: Terri Moon MS, CMT, CCA, Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, and Graduate of the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program, is an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, internationally published best-selling author of “Listening to the Body,” and founder of Moon Magic and Harmony at Home. Terri’s hands have listened to more than 10,000 bodies, her empathic and compassionate presence have helped hundreds to navigate the “longest distance in the world” from their head to their heart, and her mediation skills have supported individuals and family members to connect, understand, and collaborate after years of conflict and/or silence. Terri’s courage over more than three decades of experience in healing her own traumatic past means she’s been where you need to go and will fearlessly accompany you into your scariest places.


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