TUESDAY NIGHTS in Manhattan with NYCNVC Certified Practice Group Leaders Antonio Espinoza and Dana Shaw

in Manhattan, NY (Upper West Side)
September 25 to December 4, 7:00-9:30pm
with NYCNVC Certified Practice Group Leaders Antonio Espinoza and Dana Shaw

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is often readily understood, yet can be challenging to put into practice. To help you bring NVC into your daily life, the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) offers 10-week Practice Groups at least twice a year.

NYCNVC Practice Groups are weekly gatherings (usually 5 to 15 people) where you can develop your skills through the use of practice exercises, role-plays and the sharing of your struggles and successes with others. All groups are led by NYCNVC certified Leaders and Facilitators and follow a curriculum originally developed by NYCNVC Director of Education Thom Bond and constantly evolving thanks for the feedback from leaders and participants.

Every year, nearly 100 students participate in our 10-week practice groups. Many enter the groups as complete beginners, while others attend with the intention of reviewing to further integrate and deepen their learning. We are continually moved by the sense of connection and support within the community that we feel is a result of learning together in this way.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that all registrants participate in at least 80% of the sessions (i.e. 8 out of 10) to support continuity, learning, participation and progress of the whole group.

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Tuesdays Sep 25 to Dec 4, 7:00-9:30pm
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