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Nonviolent Communication requires practice to really "get it in your bones." I like the idea of people learning and practicing NVC in the same way they'd practice yoga, tai chi or a martial art like aikido - weekly practice with a cohort of people who are all helping each other to learn and grow in their capacity to enrich life through NVC. Unlike many practice groups I've led in the past, we do not focus much on "group empathy" i.e. one person getting empathy about something from the whole group. Instead I prefer that practice happens in pairs or small groups so that more people get more practice more quickly. I also encourage a lot of interactive "role play" or "real play" so that members of the Communication Dojo increase their capacity to maintain or regain self-connection, and their ability to employ NVC, even when strong emotions are being stirred up. Contact me or go to for more information.


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