Compassionate Noticing (NVC Observations -- inner & outer)


Longing to learn how to make observations as part of your NVC practice? Compassionate Noticing is the single most effective practice

I've seen so far, for building this capacity.


If you're excited about what NVC offers but can't make an observation to save your life, or if you're not really sure what feelings you're having (yup, this was me, when I first encountered NVC), help is here!

In order to make an "NVC Observation," we need to be able to compassionately notice what's happening, without adding any interpretation, story, opinion, or other thoughts.

And in order to truly "do NVC" at all, we need to be able to feel our body sensations and name our feelings ... because these provide the foundation for the resonant empathy that creates understanding, open heartedness, and attuned connection.

Compassionate Noticing is extraordinarily effective in helping us develop our "inner and outer" observation muscles.

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