Live the Empathic Life Through Effective Conversation

Do you wish you could communicate with others in a way that fosters real understanding, connection and empathy? Is it difficult to ask for what you want? Are you stressed by the way you relate with your partner, family, friends, your boss or work colleagues? This group will allow you to: • Discover your natural power of empathy • Connect more deeply with those in your life • Find comfort and confidence with conflicts that arise in relationships • Experience the "Yes" behind the "No" • Learn to fearlessly ask for what you want • Move past stories that cause conflict, pain and defense in your relationships Facilitated by Marty Epstein, M.S., a coach, mediator, and trainer in both "Effective Conversation” and Nonviolent Communication. Marty is a teacher of Sanskrit and a Certified Facilitator for the Work of Byron Katie. He has also given workshops at the UN; taught negotiation at Columbia University & conflict resolution at Pace University; and successfully managed large-scale assignments for companies like Charles Schwab & Co., Bank of NY, Mellon Corp. and Merrill Lynch.


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