with Jori and Jim Manske, CNVC Certified Trainers

Join us most Mondays 4:30 - 6:30pm
radicalcompassion [at] gmail [dot] com (Email us) to be included in email notifications to confirm we are meeting. 

Increase your competence and confidence in awareness, empathic listening, and compassionate expression!

 This group is open to everyone as we are all on the path of learning: from unaware, awakening, capable, and integrated, and have the capacity to be super conscious.

Learning and integration activities we have designed to enhance skills each week including:

  • Weekly lessons with practice opportunities grounded in skill development
  • Self-assessment to identify and use your strengths to increase learning
  • Awareness exercises to guide your experience from the inside out each week
  • Peer groups and diads for focused personal integration
  • Weekly take home practices offered for enhancing integration of the weekly skill
  • Facilitation of empathy/practice buddies pairing for those who would like

We offer this class unconditionally in the spirit of a flow of giving and receiving.  Learn more about contributing to our work.

radicalcompassion [at] gmail [dot] com (Contact us) if you would like more information.


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