Compassionate Communication Practice Group

Come practice with us and learn to consistently create the relationships you've always wanted, most importantly the one with yourself! Learn how to ask for what you want in a way that people are excited to give it to you. Build skill in making a quality of connection where all the needs matter, yours and theirs, and notice how solutions "magically" appear once needs are revealed and appreciated. Ellen Shiro is a Marriage/Family Therapist who has been enthusiastically teaching Compassionate Communication for the last 20 years. Participants say her groups meet needs for fun, liveliness, safety, and live changing learning. Please call Ellen for more info. Right now the group meets Wednesday nights in Newport Beach. That evening schedule may change for future groups, depending on time needs of those interested in participating. Please call Ellen for more info at 949 293 3890. You may also go to for more information.


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