Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication Practice Group


Suggested Experience:

It is requested as a prerequisite that each participant have some idea of what NVC is. Recommendations include attending an NVC Introduction, reading the beginning of Marshall Rosenberg's book: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life, and/or completing The Exercise:


MDNVC will meet for 9 weeks. In order to have the most life enriching and cohesive practice group possible, it is requested that all who choose to attend do so with the intention of participating in each meeting.

'19 Dates:

Beginner Group Meeting for 9 weeks Mondays 6:30p – 9:00p February 11th – April 15th, skipping March 11th
Intermediate Group Meeting for 9 weeks Tuesdays 7:00p – 9:30p February 12th – April 16th, skipping March 12th


About Your Practice Group Leader:

Katie Testa is Founder and Executive Director of Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication, where she provides training, mentoring, coaching, public speaking, and consulting services across the Great Lakes Region and internationally. She is a Lead Trainer, Mentor, and Program Coordinator for the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, and also serves as US Liaison for the International Attachment Network.

Connecting with and supporting people as they learn this new way of thinking and being brings deep meaning, purpose, and inspiration to Katie. She enjoys sharing this unique peacemaking skill set and consciousness with anyone who is motivated to learn, empowering them to connect more deeply and authentically with both themselves and others. Holding a vision of a peaceful, connected world comprised of life serving systems, Katie focuses her efforts toward societal change via facilitating connection within individuals and their relationships.


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