Oakland In-Person Practice Group

Mair is moving to Vashon Island Washington, so only two more practice groups in Oakland! We'll meet in the BayNVC Office Building Conference Room. The building is locked, so RSVP so we know that you're coming and can come open the door for you. Structure: We start with 2 minutes of silence, then 2 minute timed share each around the circle. We each indicate if we do or do not want focused attention from the group. We divide the time up among how many people want time and those who want time choose first, last, etc. position. Each person says how they want their time, how they want us to be with them...maybe a role play, emathic presence, reflections, discussion, strategies..maybe an exercise to practice one of the three modes of NVC... We have 5 minutes in between each person's share to express what came up for us as they were sharing. At the end of our time together we have a checkout around the circle with something we are taking away with us. Bring $25 for Mair.


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