Compassionate Communication of Waterbury, CT

The Compassionate Communication of Waterbury Practice Group welcomes anyone (including beginners) who has an interest in deepening their understanding and strengthening their usage of the intention and tools of Compassionate Communication (or Nonviolent Communication). By "practicing" with each other, using such activities as readings, exercises and sharing personal experiences, our intention together is to improve on our skills to connect compassionately with other people and ourselves. We ask that attendees of our Practice Group meetings have some knowledge of or some experience with Compassionate Communication (or Nonviolent Communication). Read one of the many NVC books, attend an NVC training, or review one of the many online NVC videos. Additional information is available at our group at


St. John's Episcopal Church
16 Church Street
Waterbury, CT
United States
41° 33' 23.1912" N, 73° 2' 37.4604" W

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