The CNVC Office is closed Monday, January 21, 2019, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

Building Relationships Through Compassionate Communication

Are you committed to changing your world, one dialogue at a time? Communication is not just a mental exercise, but it does take exercise to build your capacity for love and gratitude. Are you looking for ways to strengthen your communication skills and get more of what you want with less conflict? Participating in a practice group will help integrate Compassionate Communication (NVC) into your mind and body. There is a physical process that happens in the brain that strengthens our ability to fully express ourselves and fully receive others as we stay centered and connected with ourselves. Participants are encouraged to bring their experiences to share and work on in class. Investment: $10 - $15 per class. (Based on your personal ability to pay.) Special Interest: Beginning NVC, Intermediate NVC, Advanced NVC Drop-ins are welcome. FaceBook: Center For InnerQuality


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