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NVC Link Intro

This page is for people who joined NVC Link, If you haven't joined NVC Link yet, learn about it here

Is it a group chat service?

No, it is one to one chat.

Is it empathy exchange?

No, it is needs exchange :) , can be used for general chat, empathy , practice or questions. both chat partners meet their need for connection, practice and community. Empathy requesters will also meet their need for empathy, empathy givers will meet their need to contribute to others well being.

How does it work?

  • You type commands (messages) to the user NVC Link, and the NVC Link program responds to them.
    • You type :
      • menu 
    • NVC Link will respond:
      • Type 'chat' - to request a 20 min one-to-one chat on any subject
        Type 'empathy' - to request a 20 min one-to-one empathy chat
        Type 'practice' - to request a 20 min one-to-one practice chat
        Type 'ask' - to ask a question and I'll find someone to answer it


        invite - invite your skype/email contacts to join nvclink
        settings - set your profile and settings
        developer - request support/give feedback to the developer

Making requsts

How do I make  a request ?

  • Type your request from the list in the menu i.e.  chat ,empathy, practice or ask  in the chat window and the automated moderator will respond.

 How do I direct my request to experienced practitioners?

  • Type 'request number'  i.e.  'empathy 2'  to request empathy from people with 2 years NVC practice.

How do I direct my request to a specific group?

Type request group , where the request can be chat ,empathy, practice or ask. examples: 

  • Interest Group - empathy Parenting, practice Business, ask Restorative Circles, etc.
  • Country - chat France, chat Sweden, chat Australia, etc.
  • Language - chat German, chat French, etc.
  • Training - practice train  to request practice with people which use NVC in their training. . ask certified trainer' to send your question only to certified trainers.

When I request a chat or ask a question who answers?

  • Anyone who is online and available may meet your request, the service sends your request to people person who are online, asking if they are available for chat one by one, until someone accepts.

Does the service support voice? 

  • Yes, type voice during your chat, to send a request to your chat partner to switch to voice chat.

Do I see everyone who is online?

  • No, if you want to chat, the service will find a chat partner for you.

Reciving Requests

What do I need to do to get requests from others?

  • Just to be logged into your messenger, when someone makes a request you may get a mesaage from NVC LInk:

Hi ,

this is nvclink automated moderator program, I just received a request to find a partner for a 20 minute chat.
Are you available ? ('yes'/'no'/'never' or 'help' for more info)

  • if you answer yes NVC Link will connect you to the chat requester.

I'm not sure of my NVC skills to answer requests, Can I accept requests ?

  • Yes, if you receive a request that means the person who made the request indicated that your experience is meeting the needs.
  • Many times an empathic ear and willingness to be there, makes a huge difference.
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