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NVC Link - Connect live with other NVC practitioners

The NVC Link service is down. The only current 24/7 empathy service with NVC people is on Facebook via

What is NVC Link?

Imagine a world where NVC practitioners around the world, can 'magicly' connect any time and have a joyful journey of live interaction meeting needs for empathy, contributing to others well being, practice and community.

NVC Link is a service which you join with the chat messenger you already use (Skype, Facebook, AIM, MSN, Google or Yahoo). All the people which have joined are the potential pool for connection, once someone makes a request the service checks if anybody in the pool is willing to connect, once found a connection is made. The service balances the requests so you will get requests only once in a while, and you can accept a chat request if it meets your needs.

NVC Link is simple, easy to use free service which  supports text, voice and video chats 

  • One to one chats facilitated by an automated moderator.
  • Connection with other NVC practitioners, available 24/7.
  • Contribute to others' well-being at times which meets your needs.
  • No downloads, just use your messenger.

What is it for?

  • General chat  Questions & Answers  Give or Receive Empathy  Connection, Collaboration. and Celebration  Learning & Practice  Networking  Meeting new NVC people worldwide and locally

Who is on NVC Link?

  • NVC practitioners, from beginners to trainers.

Is it a chatroom? group chat?

No, NVC Link is a uniqe service, when you make a request the automated moderator will actively seek an available  chat partner, once found you will be connected in a live one to one chat.

Can NVC link find me a chat partner from a specific group?

Yes, you can ask NVC link to enables you to direct your questions and chat requests to specific groups:

  • Interest Group - Parenting, Business, Restorative Circles, etc.
  • Experience -  NVC practice years,Trainers.
  • Country - France, Sweden, Australia, etc.
  • Language - German, French , etc.

How do I use it?

  • Join NVC Link, all simple instructions will be sent to you when you join via your messenger

Joining NVC link

If you don't currently use any messenger you can Install Skype 


  • Search for skype name NVCLink ,type 'activate' in the contact request.
  • NVC ink will reply automatically, guiding you on.

AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google

  • Add user ID: NVClink to your contact list (MSN messenger – add user ID: NVCLink [at] live [dot] com )
  • Send the message 'activate’ to the user you added in order to activate the connection.


Need Assistance?

Send your support request to me, Noam Israel - the developer of NVC Link, by email NVCLink [at] gmail [dot] com%20.">NVCLink [at] gmail [dot] com

What people are saying?

"Just used the Link , found it really effective and definitely hope to use it regularly. Imagine it could really work for me, single parenting a toddler full time. It allows me flexibility to arrange empathy when I have time, which maybe very spontaneous." Sara/Ireland

"I love it, all I have to do is have Skype on, if I'm available, I answer yes" Jeff/USA

"I've been accepting 3 chat requests so far, and I'm loving it! It's fun and meaningful, and meets my need for community. (dance)" Joakim/Sweden

"I love this around the world service." Pan/USA

"This would foster connection, especially for those who are scattered in developing countries and places with not much nvc community" Chamath/Sri Lanka

"A wonderful idea indeed, great strategy using modern-day tech and expanding the resources at hand!" Michael/USA

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful i am that you have set up NVCLink!  I was under a major gremlin attack on Saturday (I call "jackals" "gremlins" since jackals are real cute animals ;).  And I felt too ashamed to call my empathy buddy (!).  But NVCLink seemed okay with the gremlins since it allowed me to remain a bit hidden - chat with a person who doesn't know me... And it was SO helpful to chat with someone!" Rachel/USA

"I just leave skype running, I get a chat request once in a while, and that is a reminder for me to use NVC in my daily life" Julie/USA

"More people need to know about this service, dude! it's remarkable!! really meeting my need for learning and progress in NVC!" Jim/USA

" i had a great NVC partner, i feel excited, thankful and refreshed, i feel like all my needs r fulfilled at the moment" Beatrice/Netherlands

" I'm LOVING this community" Eric/USA

" I was feeling alone and needing support, connection. I had a empathy chat via NVC Link and  I don't feel that I'm alone any longer, knowing that at any moment I can chat with someone, practice empathy, is very important to me" Severino/Brazil

 "Was able to support someone from Europe who was incredibly stuck... feels great to contribute by just listening" Phoebe/Australia

"I'm amazed at how simple it can be to contribute to someone's life" Niklas/German

""wow, nvclink rocks  24hours /7" Rémi/France


Use NVC Link in accordance with sound discretion as you would any Internet resource which may facilitate contact with unfamiliar parties and  in accordance to NVC principles. No responsibility for the use of NVC Link by any party is assumed.

NVC Link is not affiliated with CNVC.

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Skype friends speaking in German

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Empathy via Facebook

There is a separate empathy group on Facebook, which uses Facebook chat and Skype too. This groups works even if NVClink is down for maintenance. More info here: We have meetings on Skype, for just 4-5 people which are very beautiful. Info here:

Why didn't I get automatic reply from NVCLink on Skype?

Why didn't I get automatic reply from NVCLink on Skype? Can anyone help? Ming

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