Next Steps: Getting Started w/ Recognized Role Prototypes

Event length: 
1.5 hours
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14 March 2018, 17:30 UTC
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Special Purpose Open Participation
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ImpC. Implementation Council
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Next Steps: Getting Started w/ Recognized Role Prototypes.

Hosted by Aimee Ryan, Karl Steyaert, Kathleen Macferran, Marcia Christen, and Jennifer Warnick

Presentation and a Q&A from a small working group that has recently formed to start laying the foundation of Recognized Role implementation. This group is working to create a foundational container for others interested in being a part of implementing the Recognized Role system. There's lots of work to be done (including designing the on-boarding processes for Integration Trustees and Weave Coaches), and this small working group will be offering support to help this move forward. We hope that from this call there will be other working groups formed and clear next steps created. 

The calls will be conducted in English. Additional calls with language support may be arranged in the future for communities with emerging Recognized Roles prototype weaves where translation or interpretation is necessary for clarity and participation.   

In the meantime, if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the Recognize Role plan, you can read it here.


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