Cornelia Timm

Dear Marshall, when I first met you in 2003 in Germany you offered me a session with you working on the difficult relationship I had to my mother. I was so excited to meet you alone in the evening and to have the opportunity to learn from you and get more clarity in this issue. Some years later I met you again on an IIT in Switzerland where I was invited by you to work in a healing/evolving session in front of the participants' group. Although the relationship to my mother was much better now I still had another pain, the relationship to my father, who I didn't grow up with. We had this session together and I remember Valentina's big support with her warm hands on my body. Writing these words and remembering the situation I'm crying because this session changed my life totally. I never spoke to my father about our work (he would get mad...), but our encounter where you went into the role of my father changed my life. I reconciled with him although I never spoke to him about that. My giraffe ears that grew from your work helped me to see things differently and to heal a lot of old pain. I'm so grateful for that! Since 2006 I'm a certified trainer and I enjoy to spread your work. Perhaps you remember that we tried to bring you to Myanmar, where I worked in an NVC project, but unfortunately it didn't work because you are US citizen. I deeply hope that Valentina and you enjoy life. With love, appreciation and deep gratitude to both of you, Conny from Germany
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