Govert van Ginkel

One of the most profound changes in my thinking and perceiving reality happened after spending time with Marshall Rosenberg. Oh boy did I struggle! I remember the first time in a gathering with him, when we just tried to identify feelings and needs and I felt despair and thought I would never learn this. I am grateful not only for his patience but also for his persistence in staying with the truth of his own inner reality and expressing this in feelings and needs.

علاج الزكام

It gave me an example of how to embrace this and become authentic myself. I have come to realize that NVC is not just about saying it nicely or more clearly. In the process of formulating what i want to say in observation, feelings, needs, requests, I go through a process of self-inquiry that restores my integrity and helps me be accountable for my actions without any anger, blame or guilt.

رسائل حب

It truly changes my perception of myself, others and the world around me. With fondness and gratitude I remember the time I was able to share with Marshall Rosenberg and the deeper understanding it brought me and the inner peace I found.
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