Sarah Dawson

"Hi Marshall
I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the work you have done searching and finding a new way to communicate with one another that you called NVC. I needed change 8 years ago or so as I wanted to be able to communicate with my two daughters in a way that didn't trigger unhappiness and pain in them. The NVC model assited me in learning new ways of rephrasing my words to say what I wanted to say, from my heart to their hearts.I feel real joy knowing that this learning has transformed our relationships. Specifically learning about what you call ""requests"" was a transformation for me as I then knew I only ever wanted to request form that moment forward. I only wanted people to do what they did because they chose to. I feel much more ease in communication than i ever felt in my whole life!!
I also always loved to hear you singing. It inspires me to have courage and meet my own needs for expression and creativity.
I realise I haven't followed formal gratitude process but I wanted to do this soon so i didn't let this opportunity pass.
Wishing you ease and rest and many happy days ahead.
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