Elly van Laar

At the IIT 2008 Marshall asked participants to put their name in a hat if they wanted to have a healing session with him and Valentina.

My name was drawn. It was an amazing session. I talked about my crippled and disfigured sister who died after three days, when I was two years old. He spoke as her, and expressed his appreciation for the care I had always had for her, my efforts to include her in our family, and to acknowledge her existence and death. I sobbed for the whole session. Something magical happened: I could see my sister Suzanne in and around him. Not as an actual person, but as a physical energy, a light that emanated around him. I could see him as Marshall and Suzanne at the same time, the same and different. And for the first time in my life I saw her as a beautiful grown-up woman, strong and radiant, instead of the disfigured child I knew she had been. She was at peace, touched and happy. She was and is my ever present angel.

For that experience alone I will always be grateful. It liberated me from the burden to take care of her, and it allowed me to transform my life and seize opportunities I could not imagine before.

Thanks Marshall for sharing your precious compassion, understanding and vulnerability with me. I love you, and wish you well for the remainder of your days.
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