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Patrick Schwarz

Dear Marshall and everyone else who reads this :)
I am very grateful for having found NVC, because it helped me reconnect to what I really want from life and get me back on track with my dreams.
When I discovered, after I left university, how I can access my feelings again, the whole idea shifted from an intellectual understanding to a more intuitive one and I really understood many of the ideas on a deeper level. I was so impressed because the whole idea gave me so much hope and prospect to not only understand other people but really connect with them on a more authentic level.
I feel so relieved having found NVC, because I was able to find myself and my own preferrences again and it still helps me in my everyday practice in contact with basically everyone. In the beginning I thought, that once you know the 4 steps and the idea behind NVC, you just need to practice the steps to become very compassionate. Now, I believe that NVC has still much more for me to offer and I am excited about everything that still hits me by surprise :) after all NVC is a living process for me that has different meanings in different contexts and I am curious what I can still learn, which aspects I probably didnt consider yet and how it can still change the way I look on things.

Thank you for enabling all that, I feel so much more alive than I did before knowing NVC, because I also have much more trust and am less scared to look inside me and figure out what I find there :) thank you.
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